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Fantasitc game, loved it, would certainly buy another game. Recommendation is tighter controls and little more QA/bugfixing would go a long way.

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Online multiplayer please!!! The game is so fun and emmersive.

I love the way the characters move as well as the general feel/design of the game world/scenery. I enjoyed figuring out the puzzles, although we got a little stuck on some of them. I encountered a problem where one of the characters didn't "animate" anymore -- for example, I could do all the actions with the controls but the character's arms/body weren't moving even though the actions worked. I ran into another error where I think the ctrl key stopped working, so I couldn't jump. Both errors happened in responses to some combination of actions, I'm not sure what, and we had to completely restart the program to get back to normal. Windows 7.


Very fun game with an interesting concept. Great work.

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Install instructions for MacOSX:

• Requires a wired full sized keyboard. (Note to developers: you should probably choose a key mapping that works on MacBooks, they are really popular.)

• After download, locate the MacNoEditor folder in your Downloads folder and open it. To run the first time, hold down Control as you double-click Click OK to run it.

• After the first time, it will run normally with double-click.