A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Inspirit is a whimsical, 2.5D, two player couch-coop puzzle platformer. Mai and Kula have been chosen as guardians of the mystical water forest and must work together to reach the heart of the Tree of Life, and rejuvenate their world.

Fireberry is a team of 5 students from the interactive multimedia design program at Carleton. We've created Inspirit as our senior project.

For more information about us, and Inspirit, visit our Official game website

Install instructions

  • Unzip the folder
  • Open the folder
  • Run the exe


Inspirit osx v1.0 (679 MB)
Inspirit 64-bit v1.1 (270 MB)
Inspirit 32-bit v1.1 (248 MB)


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Very fun game with an interesting concept. Great work.

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Install instructions for MacOSX:

• Requires a wired full sized keyboard. (Note to developers: you should probably choose a key mapping that works on MacBooks, they are really popular.)

• After download, locate the MacNoEditor folder in your Downloads folder and open it. To run the first time, hold down Control as you double-click unrealProject.app. Click OK to run it.

• After the first time, it will run normally with double-click.